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Say Goodbye to Buffering!

Finally! A video player designed for your convenience!


Many websites use terrible video players. FastStream is here to fix that.


The extension will replace the video player on websites with a custom player designed for your needs.


FastStream is available for everyone to use. No costs, no ads, no tracking.

Download Acceleration

Downloads video fragments in parallel. Up to 6x faster download speeds for videos, ensuring smooth playback with no interruptions. FastStream can predownload the whole video in the background while you watch. Afterwards, you can save videos as an MP4 file with a click.


Designed with accessibility in mind, FastStream offers a variety of features to make video content more accessible to everyone.

  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Top-tier subtitles/captioning tools with adjustable appearance and OpenSubtitles support
  • Adjustable video brightness, hue, contrast, and more
  • LMS Daltonization features for color blindness correction
  • Adjustable audio dynamics with built in audio booster, equalizer, compressor, and channel mixer


Works on most websites, including Youtube. Supports MP4, HLS, and DASH videos.
Does not support services using DRM, paid services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

And so much more!

  • Detect intro/outros in episodes so that you can skip them!
  • Loop a section of a video and create GIFs!
  • Built in silence skipper tool! Shift+click playback rate changer to toggle.
  • Better 3D audio on laptop speakers! Toggleable audio crosstalk cancellation
  • Easily take screnshots of any video!
  • Add miniplayer support to any website!
  • Random fun features! flip and rotate the video using keybinds
  • And more!
"Whoa, this is a crazy application"

— DesktopFolder

Install FastStream

FastStream is available for both Chrome and Firefox in English, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.